Professional Dispatchers

Our team of professional live dispatchers are always working on getting you the highest possible rates.  Our specialty is finding our clients top paying load.



We Go The Extra Mile

Our clients average $2.00 per mile plus more. No Term Contracts, No Minimums, NO FORCED LOADS, and no weekly charges.  We are a one stop shop.



We Do The Work, While You Drive

We handle all the phone calls, negotiate the best rates with the brokers, send load emails, fill out boring paperwork, work out regual lanes, and resolve all issues.


National Van Rates

National Flatbed Rates

National Reefer Rates

For the week ending September 25, 2020

One-Stop Truck Dispatching Service

The only thing important to us is booking your loads.  Our professional trained dispatchers handle

the packets, insurance certificates, invoices, and other boring paperwork.  You will soon find out

that the efficiency of our dispatchers and staff will increase your productivity meaning more money for you.  We handle all of your driver payrolls and have partnered up with OTR Capital creating a one-stop-shop for your company.  You will be on top of your business at all times as we work together to make a prosperous road ahead for you and your company.